Sunday, October 30, 2011

Operating reclaim our backyard

Today was proclaimed as take back our yard day. Sam and I worked all day to get rid of the dying garden, weeds, crappy doors, and I found a spot for a new concrete spot.

There were some monster broccoli, crazy suspended watermelon and the are for the new "fish pond"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red River Gorge

So I never ever saw myself getting married.  Now I am engaged to one of the nicest, most generous people in the world.  First of all, she did not dump me while I was in the craziest school experience of my life while I was working in a crazy program to get my masters degree.  I was probably one of the hardest people to deal with.  For whatever reason, instead of dumping me she rewarded me.  The reward was a trip to Red River Gorge.  For years I wondered about what was in store for me 70 miles west of Lexington, KY.  I was surprised.  It was one of the coolest places I have been too.  Only 4 hours away I will definitely return.  Sam is much better at writing so I will let her do the writing at 1hundred4days.
Natural Bridge Red River gorge.

Winter is coming.

Living in the midwest has its ups and downs.  I think I must love it because I have been here for years.  I have thought about leaving, I have tried leaving, but I keep ending up back.  Now I am engaged, own a house, and have a job I think I am staying.  Anyways, the winters can be rough especially for someone that likes to skateboard.  Every fall I feel like has revolved around making sure we have spot that we can skate out of the cold.  Now that I am a homeowner I have taken it upon myself to have a place for us to skate.  My garage for the last two winters has been a small skatepark.

work side

skate side

ride the rainbow

Sunday, October 16, 2011

skate trip.

It has been a little bit since I went on a day trip.  Today Robert, Jeff, Grant, and I decided to hit the road.  Fall is the best time in Indiana to do this, well probably the best time anywhere because I am pretty sure fall is awesome no matter where you live.  After a long decision process we decided to hit up Terre haute.  My lovely fiance decided it was ok for us to take her car so we saved about $50 in gas on this trip. This skatepark is design and built by California Skateparks and is the first park my friend Bart had some creative responsibility.  This is probably my favorite park in Indiana, aside from Major Taylor of course.  They had a contest planned so we skated and then left.  Typical Midwest behavior.

On the way home we hit up Greencastle.  We took 40 across through Brazil and stopped at a Yard sale.  There were a ton but this one stuck out more than all the others.  I picked up some goodies.  2 hats, one corduroy and one all mesh, two owls things for Sam, and then the best find ever.  Two heffers getting down.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hunters build

Hunter came down for the weekend.  Hunter is awesome and helped me install windows but we did get some time to start putting his bike together.  A broken carb boot and nothing to replace it started our first problem.  The second problem was that the headlight was turning on without the ignition being on?!?!?!  We were up til 2 trying to figure it out, until we found out we had taken a wiring harness from a different model of cm400.  We'll make it work.
I know its not much now.  But give us a couple weekends.  


 after new window.

still need trim.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I came out of a lady

Bill Burr's Monday morning podcast has been one of the greatest things I have ever discovered.  Thanks Drew.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Every week he talks about youtube videos.  This one really made me laugh.  Everyone should listen to the Monday Morning Podcast.  I won't be happy until Bill Burr is a household name.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Have you ever stopped to think and realize how crazy the last couple years of your life have been? Samantha (fiance) said, "you don't have anything on your blog about me." I was thinking about it and I guess I thought no one would read this that didn't know that I was engaged to an amazing lady. We have a dog and own a house.

Samantha.  She won't like this picture but I do.
Georgie sits shotgun.
Three years ago I thought I wanted nothing but to float around with no solid job, just living. I owned a gray ford windstar that I was basically living out of.  I swore that was the life for me.  I had a great time, met a ton of amazing people.  However, things change.
08 crew.  Somewhere out west.

Old Gray in Colorado.

Old Gray in Montana.

Old Gray's Stereo system.
This change came in the form of a new found direction in my life. I decided I wanted to be an educator.  Without funds I was about to dive into debt when I received the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship.
The check that changed it all.
A lot has changed for the better.  I enjoy my job being a teacher, it gives me a purpose.  I feel like I have distanced myself from many parts of my old life, not on purpose, but it happens.  I apologize for those who we haven't talked in a while.  It is probably nothing personal there is just a lot going on.  Teaching is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but everyday I feel like I have done something. Being engaged is the best thing I have ever done.  It is unreal looking back three years.
First dinner at the new house.  I think it was Chinese.

Nothing can ever put in words the experiences and friendships I have made traveling around.  Traveling is one of the best things you could ever spend money on.  I haven't done enough and I plan on doing more.  I will never forget how fun it is to gather in a car and go on a skate trip with your friends.  It will never get old, maybe just a little harder.

me and bill spice getting some rest on the 2008 trip.

Mikey "confessor" brought just enough wood to get the drift wood going.  Fire on the beach on the Coast of Oregon.

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