Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice, comedy, skateboarding, cold

The ice, snow, and cold has been trying to keep us down lately, but we won't let it.  The fires have been burning in the garage, the ramp has been being skated, and there seems to be so much going on every night.  I finally have a car that I can drive distances and not have to worry about using a weeks pay to get there.  I am again, a mini van man.  
the photo doesn't do it justice but the smoke was trying to come out the door but the draw wouldn't let it.

Souper Bowls! Next saturday there will be an event were you can purchase bowls made by friends of Corey Jefferson to support hungry folks.  Its a pretty cool idea.  I am always interested in what Corey has going on.

Sorry about the crappy photo.  Tim Wilson at the Murat.  VIP baby!

The attic is filling up.

Ramp Rules.  Fun session Saturday night with the boys.  Its cool to see what comes through Ben Ettinger's lens.  I like seeing Ben's videos, always keepin it hyphy.

Bloomington, IN got ICED.

This one goes out to da goon.  Funny I found this in bloomington where there are a lot of awesome memories with bobby.

Finally got out to the park to enjoy the snow.  I hope Georgie appreciated it, I did.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The weekend only comes once a week.

This was a good one.  I filled my weekend full of fun activities.  The weather has been killer.  In January in Indiana normally it is so unbearably cold that habitation outside is near impossible.  This weekend however totally went against history and science, maybe.  Over 50 degree days means motorcycles and skateboarding.  Saw some friends, made some new friends, saw some music, ate a ton of food, and skateboarded a lot.  

I have a lot of decisions to make coming up.  It is starting to stress me out a little.  Teaching is not fulfilling my life like I thought it would.  I love being part of education, but the stress and negative feelings are outweighing the positives.  I feel like if I never had a break weekends or anything teaching wouldn't be that hard.  I never want to go back though, I feel like you should want to go to your job.  But then again work is work.  I feel like the only reason I am typing is so I don't have to go to sleep.  I know that when I go to sleep I have to wake up and go to school...
Cool jacket some dude had.  

Stickers and graffiti in bathrooms are always interesting.  I take pictures of it and sometimes people think I am taking pictures of myself urinating.

This is blogged again, because this really was his warmup.  He ordered more donuts and an english muffin sandwich.  Still only totalled to $7.22.  I love the Donut shop.

Unsinkable.  That is a deep fried sandwich ladies and gentlemen.

Went out with the hutch bros today.  Skiles park is pretty cool.  I think I found my new hill bomb spot! 

Roberts warm up

Bert is moving in. Gettin him accustomed to the neighborhood.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From the editing studio.

I had sometime over break and I made some edits.  I hope you enjoy.

Here is an old footy, but new edit.  There is a lot of stuff in here.  My favorite part is the footage from Homewoods. Bart Smith has been a major motivator for me throughout the years.  I hope he knows that, maybe I should tell him.  I would work with him if he would let me.  I might quit teaching to do it actually.

The first time I went to AZ I was way to into street skating.  Luckily Lee Bender saved Brad, Nathan, and I's life.  He showed me what transition skating was.  I think on this trip I learned how to carve a corner, how to back d, and how amazing skating a pool is.  I would like to think that he is proud of where we have came since that day.  It was really generous of him to take the time out of his life to bring a couple of young and younger kids around for almost a whole week.  I had not really traveled very much from skateboarding but Lee definitely lit a fire under me.  I know I have not gone as crazy as some of my friends but the fire is for sure there.  I can't see myself in a position where I am not able to go and skateboard in new places.  I have met some of the most amazing people on the road.  Friends that I don't think I ever would have met staying in Indianapolis.  There is nothing more humbling then driving from one coast to another. 2500 miles is a long drive inside a car, it really is, I wasn't just quoting the Modest Mouse song. People think you have to leave the country to travel but there is so much in our own country that most people haven't seen.  I am glad I have started to scratch the surface.  Get out there and do it.  I know I am a different person because of it.  I am thankful that I have friends that want to encourage me to get out there.

Winter break in the end.

I can't believe I have only been out of school for two weeks.  So much has happened on this break.  It has been amazing.  I got out to AZ, hung with the family a ton, fixed my truck, saw tons of friends, skated a lot surprisingly, and finally brought in the New Year.  Having the wood burning stove is great.  I would rather be in my garage with that thing going than in the house.
550 in parts.  Basically a new truck.  New ball joints, shocks, rotors, calipers, bearing seals, the whole deal.  Jim is the man.

Not enough Pablo in my life.

heating up the garage.

Nathan came over.

Chillin in the heat.

guns are cool.

jorr's bike before.

Jorr's bike during, more to come I hope.

Feliz ano nueva, La Hacienda NYE 2011 or 2012?


el presedente demonstrating the presidential method for fliff application.

Indy park is always good, well almost always good.  On New Years Day even though it is cold and windy, its good.

guns are cool.

fire, meatsies, chipsies.

sessions.  People actually like my ramp...

Yah I can sew.  So what.  Tofuman owns the machine.

Hunter's bike is coming along!