Friday, June 29, 2012

ORCAS and beyond.

I have been really bad at keeping up on this.  I haven't even started editing the video that I want to make.  SOOOO this being said I am going to go ahead and put all the rest of the pictures up on this one, Tedparty is already done.  He did a much better job and didn't put everything on Instagram first. How does that feel BEN!

Anywhere you have to ride a ferry too is going to be awesome.

This is the best park ever.  Lots of history here.  Created by Grindline and Dreamland.  They each designed part and then switched.  This would have been cool to see the whole process.  Two days is normally not enough time to fully enjoy this park.  I don't think we even had a bowl session this year...

Grilling is distracting.

Probably one of my favorite photos I have taken with my iPhone.  I can't believe it came out this clear.  I did rip the idea off of my friend Brad but his is probably a lot better.  He takes great photos.  Check them out here, bread photos.  Oh yah Grant rips.

Bert enjoying scenery, I think some of us were worried that he was not going to come back with us.

Issac helped me put together a killer fire.  I hope Issac knows how awesome these experiences are going to seem when he gets older.  I wish I got to grow up around the guys he gets to see all the time.  He is def. like a little brother to most of us.  I don't remember the first time I skated with him but he is def. turning into a little ripper.

Boys will build fires.

Woke up to this again.  Dang.

I was trying to figure out what made this tree do this. Pretty awesome though.

It's pretty cool to see one bald eagle.  We saw two in the same tree.  This was pretty awesome I think we just watched them sit for twenty minutes.  AMERICA, dude.

So every year Brad is worried that I am going to fall into the fire.  He blames it on many things like me being careless about sleeping on the beach or selfish for being so close to all the heat.  Whatever.  Well this year he wasn't here to keep me in check.  My hat took the wrap here.

meals on the road.  Hummus, pepperoni, and tuna, on a bagel.

Ben got hurt in Seattle.  I felt really bad he didn't get to skate Orcas.  He took care of business in other ways.

Grant wallie into the quarter.

rope swingin.  It's like the dentist, you gotta do it.

I swam to shit and Island and claimed it back, fair and square.  Phil you can debate however you want but it's mine, I fortified.

One of the coolest views I have seen.

The whole group on top of the mountain.  This was a fun group.

I liked this Aesthetic. 

views for miles.

Ody killed it this trip.  I have to take photos of my vehicles in cool places.

crazy hill.  This was kind of gnarly to drive down.  dudes were bombing this on bikes.
 Hobo dinner in steps.  This was quite the collaboration.
step one lay out foil cut vegetables and potatoes and lay on top of foil.

add butter and ramen noodles.

add cheese and wrap it up.  Throw on top of some hot coals.

play bocce for a while.

cut off the bottom of a two liter.  mix 1 part chili 1 part mix.  Let cool. Enjoy.




Chris was an awesome addition to the trip.  I didn't really know him before we left but now I am pretty sure I made a new friend.  He has a lot of cool stories and has seen some cool shit.  He is also pretty agreeable and down to skate for go see whatever.  I see a future of trippin with this dude.

ferries are cool.

The Christians.  Soon we will have Ruby on these trips.  I have know Paul for quite sometime.  Paul and Jessica are pretty awesome they are doing a great job with Issac, bringing him on trips like this is going to benefit him a lot.  I was psyched they all came out.  Jessica thought I wouldn't use this picture with her flippin the bird. I  think it makes the picture better.

I thought Coffee makes you wake up?! oh wait, I know what's going on here.  See if you can figure it out.

Z can ollie.  Port Angeles park minutes before a rain storm.

The axes.  This is the first time in a long time I went on this trip without the East Coast dudes.  I tried to represent.

Mark's cabin in Port Townsend.  What an existence.  Mark is a cool dude and it's always fun to hang out with him.  It was short this year but I know we will run into each other again.  This awesomeness is being brought to an end.  I guess some dude in a trailer complained about his composting toilet and know Mark has to move.

Pizza oven.

Bath tub.  I have photographed this before.  You start a fire and heat up the water.  Then take a bath.


Mark cooked us a killer breakfast.  We all were looking forward to pizza but I think the breakfast made up for it.

Z flaunting his abilities to pop his tail.

shameless self promotion.

Z with the heel flipper.  Of course when someone heelflips off a curb you have to document it!

only 6500 for this beauty.  Two wheel drive.

back to Seattle.  Matt and Melissa were awesome for letting us stay again.

Paseo's if you are in Seattle you need to have some of this.

The van got a little messy.

Pizza sandwiches another amazing collaboration from the fun faucet.

after a healthy lunch we are snapping again.

The view from Jefferson park.

This is when the trip got really cool.  I am really sick of typing.  If you want to know more you can talk to me.  We saw hot springs, a moose, mount reindeer, Montana some cool lakes, some cool mountains, Whitefish, and other cool stuff. Then we drove all the way home from Missoula.  Thanks Brad for letting us crash out.  I hope lyndsay wasn't mad that we made noise.  It was an awesome trip.  Edit should be done soon.