Thursday, February 20, 2014

Colorado voyage round 1

I left Hermann's Hole and headed west.  I knew that my friend Bart was working on a skatepark in Leadville, Colorado.  I made this my first stop.  I wasn't really sure what was going to happen but I kind of wanted to work on a skatepark, so I took my camper out there to see what happened.

The rig parked in front of my friends house in Denver.  A little urban camping never hurt anyone.  Notice its raining.

George and I made the mandatory stop on top of Hoosier Pass.  This is the continental divide.  Its pretty awesome up there.

A friendly rig.

Wet and beautiful.

eating on the road is an art.  A little bit of tacos.

My home for a little while until I back into the house.  Thanks Matt for letting us stay at our house.

 One of the first days on the job.  Don't let those blue skies fool you.

Clouds are coming in.  Driving the mini X was one of my goals

First part of the park I got to be a part of. The D cup.

Dry conditions don't do this.  

This picture rules.  The drive out to Leadville is beautiful.  Even though this is a reservoir I still back it.

Glamour shot for the T

Double rainbows

Another view of the park.  Taking down tents to move to the next pour.

The big man bowl.  This thing is going to get ripped.

Sick roll in.  Great work Bart.

My first R-bar job. I only chipped the concrete once.  Literally 30 seconds before bart showed me how to use a block of wood to keep it from chipping I blasted the edge and got in trouble.

Bart not only kills when skating and building skate stuff, he pulls some amazing stunts on his bicycle as well.

Bart going big.

Love taking this beast out to the mountains to camp wherever I want.  4x4 in essential for a camper.


A storm was rolling in fast and I wanted to test the resistance to weather I can expect from my camper.  Stay tuned for more colorado adventures.

My Colorado Voyage the pregame

One time I bought a camper.  The camper was a little big for my truck and it made me worry about driving it to Colorado AND taking it offroad.  So I made plans to design another one.

Started with some plywood.

I began the frame with 2x4's to make a solid base.

Then I framed the back.  I switched to 2x2s after the base to try and save some weight.

Side walls I made slanted so I could have more room on the bottom and then less area up top to reduce wind resistance while driving.

Installed a fridge and a stove.

Started framing the sides with 1/2" plywood.

Finished the siding.

Primed the siding.  

after I had what I needed I took the old camper to the dump.

Started insulating.  I had some rolled insulation so some of the walls are rolled and some are 1.5" polystyrene.  I got some insulating duct tape to keep any air leaks out.

I ended up painting the sides with a deck covering.  Loaded up all my stuff and gave it a test run.


Here is a little time lapse of the camper coming down.