Thursday, October 4, 2012

fail trip

So fall is here.  This has become quite the tradition.  Every fall I get a phone call from Farmer Ben about the fall trip.  I normally get really excited.  This year was no different.  He said that we were heading to St. Louis this year.  They packed up Johnathans big red van and I packed up my little red van for a weekend out at Hermann's Hole.  Perfect weather, great accommodations (thanks JP), and awesome buds to skate with.  This is the first edit I have made on my iPhone and I realize the coverage was lacking, well, I like to skate more that film.  I haven't skated as much as I did last weekend in a really long time.  Thanks Ben for organizing the trip.

Fail trip from Tim Devlin on Vimeo.

Monday, September 17, 2012

gregs bowl.

My friend Greg is definitely keeping the DIY spirit alive.  In a barn out in the heartland of america he is building quite the masterpiece.  Four corners, two hips, roll in, wall ride, and a fun looking miniramp.  All heated by a huge wood burning stove.  The wood has a built in storage rack under teh deck.  Greg is a lineman and works hard for his living it is awesome to see someone keeping the dream alive.  He works all week, sometimes during the weekend, takes care of his son Tucker, and still finds time to work on the bowl.  He is doing it right and doing it well.  Greg asked me to draw him up some plans because he said he had no idea what he was doing.  Now, I am learning from him.  Sometimes I think I take skateboarding for granted, I learn to settle and skate what we already have. Greg gets me psyched to build and push for new stuff every time he calls me about his bowl.  I could be doing so much more.  Everyone could and we would have more stuff to skate.  Good job Greg and thank you.   Lets finish the bowl and build the vert ramp!

labor day N-caca S-caca

I've been talking about moving for years.  I love Indiana and my close friends but I feel it is time to move on.  I travel so much from my home now, I realized that I leave my home a lot to do the things that I love.  Maybe it is time for me to try somewhere new.  I am not saying that it will be permanent but you never know until you try.  This coming summer I think I am going to try my best to pull the trigger.  North Carolina has always interested me since the first time I went there.  I love the ocean so I convinced Katy, Jeff, and Masaru, and Jackson to drive down there with George and I.  We left Thursday night and drove to Asheville, then we went to Wilmington but ended up in Carolina Beach.  After that I took my friend Jersey Drew's advice and tried out Charleston.  Now I used to take tons of pictures and videos everywhere I went.  I started to realize that I miss out on skating and good times being behind the lens.  It is nice to have the memories but I think its better to just sit back and enjoy them.  The reason I say this is after the ferry ride I took a nap, woke up in Charleston and I didn't take the camera out again.  The hospitality and friends in Charleston really made the trip.  I am looking forward to heading back down there in March.
straight edge party row... not really

Jeff pulling an all nighter

we got to a campsite too late.  Way out of the way.  I have driven way out of the way and ended up somewhere cool. This wasn't really the case.  It was a nice river but not really "out there"

did some sight seeing.

ferries are awesome

 These vultures were flying behind the boat.  Jeff was feeding them saltines.

riding piggy back

mountains have tunnels masaru has a straw hat.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Finally I sat down and edited something.  This is mostly our trip to Orcas but there is some other stuff too.  I hope you enjoy. Music by Skyhunter, Johnny Cash, and Sleep.

summer edit 2k12 from Tim Devlin on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Phil the pain

Masaru was training for the cruz.
 Photo face.  Masaru needs a job find him one.

We all met in Carmel and began the push southward to broadripple.  The OIS dudes always have a good turn out.  Lots of homies and it was all for a good cause.  Phil broke his leg so we all pushed to raise some money for him.  Everyone donated a little.

Masaru put a board together for the event.  He took tons of photos.  Check out his photos here.

Bart has a vision.  OIS is a group of older skaters that get together and skate every weekend.  I see these things come and go but OIS has been doing it for a while now.  It is really cool to know that every weekend these dudes will be out ripping and just having fun.  I have never gone out and skated with these dudes and not had fun. 

Phil even made the trip.  Beers and pushers.

Ended at the monon food company.  Everyone had lunch and beers in the parking lot.

Awesome sunset after an awesome session at Gages.  Sorry no photos of that.

Monday, August 6, 2012

placementality and stuff

School has started again.  Summer is kind of over.  However I am trying to keep it alive.  Galen and Mike Block are helping out though.  They put together an event called placementality.  Big Car was gracious enough to host the entire event.  It was a great event a ton of people showed up and we had a lot of fun.  Art, skateboarding, music, and friends.  

Tamale Place.  I finally made it and it was amazing.  I ordered way too much food.  Go there and try it out.

George is always hanging out and helping.. kind of.

Homemade polejam.

New Shoebox decks, fancy grip tape.

So the kids just ripped off the walls of the stall.

Drew, Phil, and Davis slept over for a couple weekends.

Hutch demonstrating how they make cappuccinos in prison.

Here is part of placementality.  Skids hanging art.

Ryan Smith rips.  Bs flip over the flap.

Again ryan demonstrating how to properly use the wallrides that I made.  Art by Jacob Bryant, JT Puterburgh, and Gunnar Campbell.

Mike Gage is a ripper.

some Chicago dudes came and tried some crazy stuff.  No ladders allowed though.

So four of us decided to get a tattoo.  Then it turned into nine.  P-blocc crew!!! 

even Jacob did his own.

P-blocc crew. Thank you Jacob!

Bella chases the skateboard like she chases the vaccuum.  I've been watching my parents/brother's dog trying to get it in better shape.

Big Car posted this photo from the event on saturday.  Thank you.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last weekend of summer! shoot.

This summer went so quick.  Every year I talk about how much stuff I am going to do and then I finish even less.  I can't believe we are already going back.  At first I was really excited about going to be an educator.  Now every year it gets harder to go back.  I've been struggling with the idea that maybe I fell into the wrong profession.  Maybe these feelings are normal for teachers, maybe I'm in the wrong place.  We have been talking about moving for a while now, it helps me see a light at the end.  I hate being this down but I can't seem to shake it.  Normally just getting out and skating helps.  I need a redirection I think.  I was told I am in a 1 year (numberology) This is a time when we seek changes.  Is it supposed to suck this bad though?
I tried to put grant to work.

400 bull. I've been messing around with the idea of replacing a support between my forks.  This is what came out.

Drive in! This was awesome.  Batman.

I took Masaru to Harbor Freight.  Big knives.

Jim found this in his garage.  He thinks it is off of an Indian Bicycle with an engine.

Popeye knife.

Hot Rods and Hillbillies! I have never made it to this.  I am happy I got to go this year.  Hutch organized a group and we all got to ride together.  Thanks Hutch.

Donut shop meet up.

Second meet up.  South side.  We met a few more dudes before rolling down to Nashville.

My hat got in the way.  Grant got a sporty.

Ben. Good work Ben the bike looks great.

Casey on his Kaw.  Burnouts on everything.

Riding hills

Tons of switches on this boy.  This was my close second.

Horns like woah.

This was a really cool event.  I didn't know people rocked cars like this.

This thing was awesome.  Looks mean as hell.

This was my favorite.  Dude rolled in late and hid back in the corner.  Really cool Ford.

Killer band.  The Vallures.  I loved watching this band for a few reasons.  Lead singer killed it.  I can't wait to see them again.

Burnout haze.

Burnout Haze.  Nathan took a spill.

Burnouts.  For a second the van was burning out as the bikes were.

These two killed it.  

This dude couldn't keep it on the pavement.  He spent a while puffing flames out of his pipes then he got it together.

Marrott park is pretty awesome.

Bee trap is full of bees.  I heard that Einstein said if bees became extinct that the whole world would die out in four days.

Getting some parking blocks for Placementality.  This is going to be a cool event.  Placementality.  Go to Big Car Service center Aug. 4th.

Hillabillies.  Couldn't get the rope up to the rope swing.

Good ending to the summer.  Jeff got pushed by one of the hillabillies.  At least he did it.