Friday, September 30, 2011

Sky diving

I've always liked jumping off of stuff.  Lately I have been watching some videos about skydiving/basejumping.  I really, really want to try.

This really made me want to go.

Experience Zero Gravity from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

This video got my psyched and made me start looking for more videos. By the way Jeb Corliss is awesome, kind of crazy but awesome.

Rat control and a pretty sunset

I found a rats nest under my concrete quarter pipe. I tried to think of a way to smoke them out. A propane torch and some orange spray paint worked great.

Some crazy storms cleared up and made some crazy colors. Living in the midwest can make you appreciate little things.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Taco and burrito place.

If you have talked to me in the last year you know about this place. In my opinion it is the best thing to come to Indianapolis. Come in and see Pablo and his wife here everyday. Not only will they put you in a good mood they will make you an amazing burrito with whatever you want in it. Tell them maestro sent you. 4102 keystone rd.

My garden

This was the first year I really tried a garden. I got some good stuff but I think I need a bigger spot. Here are some of my Yields. I had one watermelon taste really good, others that didn't. The peppers are awesome. Of course the tomatoes have been great too.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ichiban noodles

This place is awesome. It's hidden but it is family owned and the sushi man rocks. They also have a full ramen menu. The prices are even good. If you drove by you might think it is an abandoned house... But it's not. Their address is 8355 bash rd.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running on water.

I have recently been looking into ways to make gas go further.  I came across a guy online that sells hydrogen hybrids.  His name is the mileage man.  His website is down right now, but you should check it out.  I found out that my friends dad had installed a system in his own truck.  He was using electrodes to produce the hydrogen.  The system that I was looking to install uses hydrogen from the battery.
This is where the intake manifold pulls in the hydrogen (Water vapor).

Here is where the water is stored and when electricity passes through the wires and electrodes it produces hydrogen.
I don't know what is keeping me from installing this.  It seems pretty easy.  I guess I am too cheap to buy a battery box for $14.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hunter's bike.

Hunter has been one of my friends for a really long time.  We know each other pretty well and even though we have moved distances apart we still find time to see each other.  I don't know how Hunter put up with all the crap we used to give him in school, but I am glad he did because I have an awesome friend.  Hunter is always down for anything.  Hey Hunter want to help me remodel a house? Sure dude that sounds awesome.  This will be like my vacation from the city, I'll come here and help you! We have a lot of memories together.  I think he is finally sick of me talking about motorcycles, now he wants his own to talk about.  We decided he was to find a honda twin.  Here is the first of many posts on the build.  He is sending ideas but we have a start as soon as I get in the garage I will get working on it.

bike #1 high compresion. $75

bike #2 crappy compression.  Full bike. $260

nice rear tire


I like this tank.

Fall Trip 2012 rd 2

I had some pictures from my cell phone that I thought were worthy enough to be on here.

People taking pictures of People

The neighborhood pool.

I give Guns a lot of crap.  I hope it doesn't bother him.

No one knows how excited I was about his place, and then how bummed I was they didn't sell guns  Then how excited I was when we went in the store.  

Next time through I am stopping here.

The crew!

Ol' Burnside.

Mini horses.  

This and a 5 hour energy is the only way I got home Sunday.

SL 125 update

Scrap the engine.  Start a new.  Just need a battery.  This is not the newest photo. I have all the wiring just need a place to put the battery.  I really want to kick it over.

Fall Trip 2012

Every once in a while some of us Indiana boys get together and do something awesome.  This week was one of those times.  Farmer Ben came through and rallied the troops for a two van, fourteen man trip.  We hit the road on friday night as soon as we were all off work.  Louisville was our first stop.  We arrived as the session was going on.  We jumped in as well as we could but kept it going until late and then were invited to set up camp in a friend's back yard.  As soon as we set up we headed out to get some pizza at Spinellis.  In the morning we headed to Bowling Greene then on to Nashville.

I had hurt my back so I was worried I wouldn't be able to skate but I guess the three weeks off really helped.  We shredded every park and everyone had fun.  After skating was done we were awarded the best campsite in existence.  Farmer Ben had some friends outside of Nashville that had build some cabins on their farm property.  Clay and his wife were the best hosts you could ever imagine.  We had our own private campground with firepit, outhouse, cows, goats, mini horses, llamas, chickens, and the amazing Tennessee weather.

It was hard to leave in the morning.  I have been thinking for a long time now where I want to be.  I know Indianapolis is great but someday you gotta move on.  Being able to have some land and still be 10 minutes from a big city sounds ideal.  We'll see maybe someday.  Thanks again to everyone on the trip.  It was a great time and thanks to Farmer Ben for putting it all together!
tent city at night.  Louisville.  

Tent city daytime.

Jeff getting crazy!

sweet tinkerbell.  We might be in a dry county but Gun Mountain still knows how to party.

dino world


Ryan ripping

the crew grilling at the skatepark.  We are getting old.

The animals.  This farm was amazing.  Maybe someday this will be my life.

My home away from home.

Clay and the boys sharing stories.

I could have listened to these two talk all day.


Some shots of the cabins in Nashville.  This was the biggest cabin.  They found a guy that was tearing down a cabin and burning the wood.  They took it and set it up.

Every Saturday they have people come and play music here.

This was really cool.  A little breakfast nook.

The bridge.

This was my favorite part.  It looks like Clay needed a place to watch the sunrise and drink his coffee.


Franklin Guns and the van.

Jeff and his hat.

Jeff and the rat that Georgie killed.