Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Phil the pain

Masaru was training for the cruz.
 Photo face.  Masaru needs a job find him one.

We all met in Carmel and began the push southward to broadripple.  The OIS dudes always have a good turn out.  Lots of homies and it was all for a good cause.  Phil broke his leg so we all pushed to raise some money for him.  Everyone donated a little.

Masaru put a board together for the event.  He took tons of photos.  Check out his photos here.

Bart has a vision.  OIS is a group of older skaters that get together and skate every weekend.  I see these things come and go but OIS has been doing it for a while now.  It is really cool to know that every weekend these dudes will be out ripping and just having fun.  I have never gone out and skated with these dudes and not had fun. 

Phil even made the trip.  Beers and pushers.

Ended at the monon food company.  Everyone had lunch and beers in the parking lot.

Awesome sunset after an awesome session at Gages.  Sorry no photos of that.

Monday, August 6, 2012

placementality and stuff

School has started again.  Summer is kind of over.  However I am trying to keep it alive.  Galen and Mike Block are helping out though.  They put together an event called placementality.  Big Car was gracious enough to host the entire event.  It was a great event a ton of people showed up and we had a lot of fun.  Art, skateboarding, music, and friends.  

Tamale Place.  I finally made it and it was amazing.  I ordered way too much food.  Go there and try it out.

George is always hanging out and helping.. kind of.

Homemade polejam.

New Shoebox decks, fancy grip tape.

So the kids just ripped off the walls of the stall.

Drew, Phil, and Davis slept over for a couple weekends.

Hutch demonstrating how they make cappuccinos in prison.

Here is part of placementality.  Skids hanging art.

Ryan Smith rips.  Bs flip over the flap.

Again ryan demonstrating how to properly use the wallrides that I made.  Art by Jacob Bryant, JT Puterburgh, and Gunnar Campbell.

Mike Gage is a ripper.

some Chicago dudes came and tried some crazy stuff.  No ladders allowed though.

So four of us decided to get a tattoo.  Then it turned into nine.  P-blocc crew!!! 

even Jacob did his own.

P-blocc crew. Thank you Jacob!

Bella chases the skateboard like she chases the vaccuum.  I've been watching my parents/brother's dog trying to get it in better shape.

Big Car posted this photo from the event on saturday.  Thank you.