Saturday, December 7, 2013

opening night at the bowlarama

A few years ago my friend greg told me that he had bought some property out in Lebanon and really wanted to build a bowl. I drew up an idea that incorporated his former miniramp into a bowl idea.  We started building while I had some time and Greg was traveling a lot for work.  We had dreams of this bowl being finished but we realized we had started a huge job.  Greg was very motivated to get his bowl done and seemed like nothing would stop him.  Greg was a lineman for electrical companies and was traveling for long periods of time and making his cash then coming home and putting it straight into the bowl.  I haven't seen such determination to make something work in a long time.  I went to Colorado recently and saw a photo online that showed the bowl almost finished.  Greg and his friends had really pulled together and made something amazing happen. 

Unrelated to the bowl my good buddy Casey has started an amazing tradition called the players ball.  This year was the second year.  The first year was his wife's surprise birthday party.  This year was his birthday.  I would be happy if this was the only night of the year that I go out.  Now, how is this related to the bowl?  This year I came up on an amazing vintage suit.  The party was not enough for this suit.  I felt like greg's bowl would be a great place to really take it out for a spin.

Casey and I at the ball.

My lady, Alyssa, and I at the ball.  Alyssa was the brains behind the next edit.  Took the suit out for a spin at greg's bowl last night.  Jason was kind enough to put some time behind the camera.  Sorry if your offended by any of the following material.   

suitforaspin from Tim Devlin on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hermann's Hole the first stop on the way to Colorado.

Hermann's Hole

A few years ago I was given the pleasure of being invited to Hermann, Missouri to skate a large DIY project that my friend JP has been working on.  My other friend Ben has made a tradition of going on a Fall trip every september.  I had been racing to get my truck ready and I made the fall trip my deadline.  With Hutch waiting for me to get my camper together we finally left at 6pm that day.  When we got there we found out JP was having concrete come that monday.  With no real deadline to get out to Colorado I decided that I would hang around for a little bit and take part in the concrete.  Jason and Taylor even decided they would stay to.  I had a great time with my stay at Hermann's.  I finally got through all the footage and put a little edit together. AND Jason grabbed my camera and took some pretty awesome photos.  Thanks Jason.

Scott getting way out of that wall.

ladies, he's taken.  Shirtless backtail over the loveseat

a classic frontside 5 from Mr. Joe Carroll

Taylor using his front lip in an interesting spot.

The man of the hour.  Stoked Ben started teaching and I am sure he is killing it.  He's killing it in life and I'm glad I can call him a friend.  

Ryan got a flat spot.  Did you know you can fix those urethane harleys with an angle grinder.

JP hooked up an awesome spot just had to trim the front lawn.


Jason likes skulls

The OG bowl

JP setting up for the pour.

Here comes mud

We didn't have much time in the direct sun and close to 100 degree temps.

The homestead.

My back yard for the weekend.



HERMANNSEDIT from Tim Devlin on Vimeo.