Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last night, she said, I said, huh, I don't know

Didn't think we could stay out later than we did the other nights.  These folks here now how to party.  My phone doesn't know how to update stuff so my all terrain blogging vehicle is down for a little bit.  Hopefully it will come back together.  This trip has been awesome.  I can't believe it is my last day.  I am coming back.

So I haven't been writing very much because I hate typing on my phone.  Not that anyone cares because I know I look at blogs to look at photos and that is it.  I LOVE Indiana I love my friends and I have no regrets for being there for the majority of the last 15 years.  However, being a skateboarder for life and wanted to skate in new stuff it is hard being there.  The last three days as minimal as it may seem have been eye opening to me.  I have spent the majority of my days figuring out how I could get my ass out here permanently.  I have a teaching degree so I could easily teach all winter and then leave for the hot summers.  I miss traveling, I want to feel comfortable on the road again.  I don't want to forget how I am feeling right now or ANY of the experiences I have had.  You life can seem down or take turns for reasons that are impossible to understand.  These are the events that turn us into the people we are today.  Everything influences you in some sort of way.  I am very grateful for the friends, family, and others that have been or still are close to me.  I have my life to live but I couldn't do it without the others in it. It might be from lack of sleep but I really want to be out here.
This guy.  So psyched on everything.

Do it braaaaaayayyyyyddddd.  

Brett Reed and Tim Devlin original art. tm



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