Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Colorado Voyage the pregame

One time I bought a camper.  The camper was a little big for my truck and it made me worry about driving it to Colorado AND taking it offroad.  So I made plans to design another one.

Started with some plywood.

I began the frame with 2x4's to make a solid base.

Then I framed the back.  I switched to 2x2s after the base to try and save some weight.

Side walls I made slanted so I could have more room on the bottom and then less area up top to reduce wind resistance while driving.

Installed a fridge and a stove.

Started framing the sides with 1/2" plywood.

Finished the siding.

Primed the siding.  

after I had what I needed I took the old camper to the dump.

Started insulating.  I had some rolled insulation so some of the walls are rolled and some are 1.5" polystyrene.  I got some insulating duct tape to keep any air leaks out.

I ended up painting the sides with a deck covering.  Loaded up all my stuff and gave it a test run.


Here is a little time lapse of the camper coming down.

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