Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco De Bartphone

It is really hard to get much more psyched then thinking about heading down to Bloomington to go to Homewoods.  Well what if it was Bart's Birthday.  Bart Smith turned 40 last weekend.  He did his 40 grinds or 41 grinds just for good measure.  For most people concrete bowl is enough to celebrate their birthday.  Bart put in a HUGE ramp into a pond and build a 20 foot tall burning man.  So much fun.  I can't wait to make a video edit... I'll go ahead and tell you there will not be much skate footage.

A while ago I got my first college degree.  For my final project I made a little documentary.  I was lucky enough to get Bart alone out at Homewoods to interview him for the last half of this video.  A little bit about the story.  Not enough though...

Grant front pivot at Ryan's house.  

Grant getting lifted at homewoods.  Notice the concrete goulashes.  

The burning man.  That looks like 20 feet right? Radius Ribs.

I am glad I helped Jeff with his tent.  Katy and Jeff brought a small motel with them.

The T100 got used this weekend.  It got named the mud taxi.  I can't complain. This was the worst I have ever seen the trail.  It had rained a whole bunch and as Nate put it the trail was a bit greezy huh?


Burn 'Em Down.

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