Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I thought about organizing all these but then I thought it might take a few days. The home stretch is coming up in school busy as usual but getting it in.  Here are come pictures. Sorry for the out of order pictures... It'll stop.

finally rode to work.  2 years of talking about it and it finally happened.

new dashboard.
The next bunch of pictures are from rockers reunion.  It got a little extreme this year.  Tons of cool bikes.  Thanks to the melody inn for throwing the shindig.

Kept the saturday night/beverage ride alive.  Katy Jeff and I rode 25 miles this weekend.  Went to the IMA then downtown then back to Broadripple.  These trips have been fun get a bike and a backpack!

My 18 year old brother graduated from highschool last weekend.  Parents took the fam to Ruth Chris.  Normally when we get together its a blast.  Nothing short of that this weekend.  Carbar and everything.

tons of stuff.

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