Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Michigan 2k12

Masaru, Tyson, and I headed up to Michigan last week.  A shorter trip than last year but just as effective.  We rode straight to Ludington and stayed with our buddy Kip.  I think the M22 road was the highlight for me.  Some awesome views.  I can't believe there is stuff that cool so close.

50 k!

back roading.

Michigan fruit was sparse this year.  The drought sucks.

Kips old garage.

Kip an one of his projects.

good morning.

light houses are sweet.

m22 stop.

sleeping bear dunes.

furthest north we go.

Tyson hates camping.  I hate his tent and his lack of a sleeping pad.  He's going to like it someday.

windsheild.  don't care.

silver lake.  

yes please.

pissin in America



masaru naps.


nice ending.

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