Monday, July 23, 2012

summer update and stuff.

So the lesson learned this summer is plan better for next summer.  Here are some random pictures that I thought belonged together.
Rolled to the Martinsville swap meet.  Hutch drove the previa so people could put stuff in it.  Very nice of Hutch.  

 So for whatever reason I have had a really hard time finding a motor for my project bike.  I finally gave in and bought a running  bike and took the engine out of it.  Now I need to sell it.

 Its funny.  I took photography in High School.  Now I hang with my photography teacher.  Weird how one of the most influential teachers I had is in to the same stuff I'm into now.  We went on a tour of indy on our bikes.  Even though he rides a recumbent, its still cool.

 Masaru is HERE! Pool, party, motorcycles.

After the swap meet I went and helped Ryan build a quarter.  By help I mean stand there and hold a 2x4.  I can't wait to skate this.

 Making a tile mosaic for the front window.


Jims garden.  Yup its growing.  I like cherry tomatoes.

deck project.

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