Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last weekend of summer! shoot.

This summer went so quick.  Every year I talk about how much stuff I am going to do and then I finish even less.  I can't believe we are already going back.  At first I was really excited about going to be an educator.  Now every year it gets harder to go back.  I've been struggling with the idea that maybe I fell into the wrong profession.  Maybe these feelings are normal for teachers, maybe I'm in the wrong place.  We have been talking about moving for a while now, it helps me see a light at the end.  I hate being this down but I can't seem to shake it.  Normally just getting out and skating helps.  I need a redirection I think.  I was told I am in a 1 year (numberology) This is a time when we seek changes.  Is it supposed to suck this bad though?
I tried to put grant to work.

400 bull. I've been messing around with the idea of replacing a support between my forks.  This is what came out.

Drive in! This was awesome.  Batman.

I took Masaru to Harbor Freight.  Big knives.

Jim found this in his garage.  He thinks it is off of an Indian Bicycle with an engine.

Popeye knife.

Hot Rods and Hillbillies! I have never made it to this.  I am happy I got to go this year.  Hutch organized a group and we all got to ride together.  Thanks Hutch.

Donut shop meet up.

Second meet up.  South side.  We met a few more dudes before rolling down to Nashville.

My hat got in the way.  Grant got a sporty.

Ben. Good work Ben the bike looks great.

Casey on his Kaw.  Burnouts on everything.

Riding hills

Tons of switches on this boy.  This was my close second.

Horns like woah.

This was a really cool event.  I didn't know people rocked cars like this.

This thing was awesome.  Looks mean as hell.

This was my favorite.  Dude rolled in late and hid back in the corner.  Really cool Ford.

Killer band.  The Vallures.  I loved watching this band for a few reasons.  Lead singer killed it.  I can't wait to see them again.

Burnout haze.

Burnout Haze.  Nathan took a spill.

Burnouts.  For a second the van was burning out as the bikes were.

These two killed it.  

This dude couldn't keep it on the pavement.  He spent a while puffing flames out of his pipes then he got it together.

Marrott park is pretty awesome.

Bee trap is full of bees.  I heard that Einstein said if bees became extinct that the whole world would die out in four days.

Getting some parking blocks for Placementality.  This is going to be a cool event.  Placementality.  Go to Big Car Service center Aug. 4th.

Hillabillies.  Couldn't get the rope up to the rope swing.

Good ending to the summer.  Jeff got pushed by one of the hillabillies.  At least he did it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

swap meet.

So while I was preparing for the swap meet I ended up getting the 400 (previously 450) back together. Just hours before going to bed before the swap meet.  I didn't get to ride it more than 100 yards before I had to get stuff ready.  Casey, Hutch, and I rode together to the swap meet.  This year we talked about getting a booth and didn't, next year we must get a booth.  I want to be in the middle of the action for the whole time. 

truck on the way. you know you are in a good part of the country when you see trucks like this.
 Here are a bunch of pictures of the swap meet.  My phone died the first night and I didn't bring another camera.  I didn't bring a lot of things but we live and we learn.  Enjoy the pictures, if you don't have instagram.


I wanted to enter.  First place was a tour around the world.

pull start.  This guy keeps a rope on his bike and wraps it around the cup then pulls it off and it starts.  Pretty awesome.

400.  should have bought this.

casey bought all this stuff.

tyson and zach bought all this stuff.

forward and reverse.  Just spin the engine around.

my new bike.