Monday, September 19, 2011

Hunter's bike.

Hunter has been one of my friends for a really long time.  We know each other pretty well and even though we have moved distances apart we still find time to see each other.  I don't know how Hunter put up with all the crap we used to give him in school, but I am glad he did because I have an awesome friend.  Hunter is always down for anything.  Hey Hunter want to help me remodel a house? Sure dude that sounds awesome.  This will be like my vacation from the city, I'll come here and help you! We have a lot of memories together.  I think he is finally sick of me talking about motorcycles, now he wants his own to talk about.  We decided he was to find a honda twin.  Here is the first of many posts on the build.  He is sending ideas but we have a start as soon as I get in the garage I will get working on it.

bike #1 high compresion. $75

bike #2 crappy compression.  Full bike. $260

nice rear tire


I like this tank.

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