Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Trip 2012

Every once in a while some of us Indiana boys get together and do something awesome.  This week was one of those times.  Farmer Ben came through and rallied the troops for a two van, fourteen man trip.  We hit the road on friday night as soon as we were all off work.  Louisville was our first stop.  We arrived as the session was going on.  We jumped in as well as we could but kept it going until late and then were invited to set up camp in a friend's back yard.  As soon as we set up we headed out to get some pizza at Spinellis.  In the morning we headed to Bowling Greene then on to Nashville.

I had hurt my back so I was worried I wouldn't be able to skate but I guess the three weeks off really helped.  We shredded every park and everyone had fun.  After skating was done we were awarded the best campsite in existence.  Farmer Ben had some friends outside of Nashville that had build some cabins on their farm property.  Clay and his wife were the best hosts you could ever imagine.  We had our own private campground with firepit, outhouse, cows, goats, mini horses, llamas, chickens, and the amazing Tennessee weather.

It was hard to leave in the morning.  I have been thinking for a long time now where I want to be.  I know Indianapolis is great but someday you gotta move on.  Being able to have some land and still be 10 minutes from a big city sounds ideal.  We'll see maybe someday.  Thanks again to everyone on the trip.  It was a great time and thanks to Farmer Ben for putting it all together!
tent city at night.  Louisville.  

Tent city daytime.

Jeff getting crazy!

sweet tinkerbell.  We might be in a dry county but Gun Mountain still knows how to party.

dino world


Ryan ripping

the crew grilling at the skatepark.  We are getting old.

The animals.  This farm was amazing.  Maybe someday this will be my life.

My home away from home.

Clay and the boys sharing stories.

I could have listened to these two talk all day.


Some shots of the cabins in Nashville.  This was the biggest cabin.  They found a guy that was tearing down a cabin and burning the wood.  They took it and set it up.

Every Saturday they have people come and play music here.

This was really cool.  A little breakfast nook.

The bridge.

This was my favorite part.  It looks like Clay needed a place to watch the sunrise and drink his coffee.


Franklin Guns and the van.

Jeff and his hat.

Jeff and the rat that Georgie killed.

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