Sunday, October 16, 2011

skate trip.

It has been a little bit since I went on a day trip.  Today Robert, Jeff, Grant, and I decided to hit the road.  Fall is the best time in Indiana to do this, well probably the best time anywhere because I am pretty sure fall is awesome no matter where you live.  After a long decision process we decided to hit up Terre haute.  My lovely fiance decided it was ok for us to take her car so we saved about $50 in gas on this trip. This skatepark is design and built by California Skateparks and is the first park my friend Bart had some creative responsibility.  This is probably my favorite park in Indiana, aside from Major Taylor of course.  They had a contest planned so we skated and then left.  Typical Midwest behavior.

On the way home we hit up Greencastle.  We took 40 across through Brazil and stopped at a Yard sale.  There were a ton but this one stuck out more than all the others.  I picked up some goodies.  2 hats, one corduroy and one all mesh, two owls things for Sam, and then the best find ever.  Two heffers getting down.

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