Sunday, February 12, 2012

A huge post. Covering sickness, Hunters bike, the superbowl, and hamburger helper

It always seems like as soon as it gets warm I get sick. Every year it
goes down the same way. This year is no exception. I felt like there
was something stuck in my lungs and I was trying to push it out by
coughing.  Before I got better the fever hit.  I have never had aching from a fever before.  IT SUCKS.

I had to force myself down to see super bowl village. It was insane
and made me proud of my little city. Nothing like drinking a beer at
the end of a line of policeman and it being totally ok.

I have been working in/on the garage a little and a lot. Hunters bike is
running, kind of. The carb boot broke. Anyone know  where to get
those? Put in a new stereo for the ramp sessions. It's been so warm I
hate to think that we missed winter this year.  I know it can still snow in March but I can't sell my truck if it doesn't snow and you can't rake up the dog terds if it gets warm. I hope I don't jinx it.

Winter used to be a time to get out of town.  I have been following blogs and hearing from friends of their travels while they are still living the life. I have to believe that there is a reason I got my job and finished school, bought a house, etc.  I miss being on the road whenever I want but I think I would miss my life now if I got rid of everything.  If I am having these feelings then why am I looking in PHD programs.  I came to the conclusion this weekend.  I have two options (I think) either I am going to keep doing this, education, or I am going to forget it all and find something I can do with my hands.  These kids are killing me.

I like the tin mans face.

Jeff I have an idea.  Lets ride Roberts bike with a jockey shift for your first "real" motorcycle.

this makes it go.

strap up.

The garage has been amazing lately.

wood piles.  Got a mal so I also got a workout membership.


This was totally natural.  I thought it was really cool.

Souper bowls.  $150 bowl.  say word.

Hutch's Bowl.

Hutch keepin it real.

gas is a good fire starter

Hunter's bike got up and went.  Still needs a lot of work.

Georgie is figuring it out.


Tyson, what else can you fit in your garage.


this van looks like a space ship.  I didn't know that it ran!

When it is rainy and cold not everything was crazy.

rough night.

The circle with everything.

Riot control?

SURROUND SOUND! New setup in the garage!

kaboom.  Best idea for a game ever! Every bar should have one.

Get a red lens.  Brake light and plate bracket.

Hunter's brake light.

defrost for hamburger barfer.

UHHHH.  If you ever get hamburger helper taco style.  Eat it before the tortillas go bad.

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