Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice, comedy, skateboarding, cold

The ice, snow, and cold has been trying to keep us down lately, but we won't let it.  The fires have been burning in the garage, the ramp has been being skated, and there seems to be so much going on every night.  I finally have a car that I can drive distances and not have to worry about using a weeks pay to get there.  I am again, a mini van man.  
the photo doesn't do it justice but the smoke was trying to come out the door but the draw wouldn't let it.

Souper Bowls! Next saturday there will be an event were you can purchase bowls made by friends of Corey Jefferson to support hungry folks.  Its a pretty cool idea.  I am always interested in what Corey has going on.

Sorry about the crappy photo.  Tim Wilson at the Murat.  VIP baby!

The attic is filling up.

Ramp Rules.  Fun session Saturday night with the boys.  Its cool to see what comes through Ben Ettinger's lens.  I like seeing Ben's videos, always keepin it hyphy.

Bloomington, IN got ICED.

This one goes out to da goon.  Funny I found this in bloomington where there are a lot of awesome memories with bobby.

Finally got out to the park to enjoy the snow.  I hope Georgie appreciated it, I did.

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