Thursday, March 1, 2012

burritos, bike shows, boarding

You can tell the warm weather is coming.  You can smell it in the air.  My nose is stuffed up and beer tastes better.
George.  He is getting older, a youngman now.  I feel like when I call him georgie he feels like a little kid.  Maybe he'll stop chewin up my remotes.

made a rude goldberg machine.

dinner of champions.

This is rob's way of incenting Jeff to work out.  


My brother is going to Nursing school.  So proud of him for making big steps in his life right now.  How this landed him in Gas City I'll never know.  If you are riding through stop by I am sure it wouldn't be hard to find him.

dog sled rides.  I went snowboarding and this dude was posted in the parking lot.  He had an RV to transport all of his dogs.

Pure Michigan

This is the North Peak of Caberfae.  The run in the middle is I 74 I have seen it open once.  A pretty awesome run for the MidWest.

riding on the lift.

Sunshine and snowboarding.

80's all day err day.

windows down, elbows out, leaving the park at sunset.  

bringing our bikes to Bodega.  I got to sneak in the 125 as a "project in the works"

Go to Bodega to see some cool ass art.

Pablo consistently never letting me down.

could be a bowl in the works for next winter?!?!

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