Tuesday, March 27, 2012

show me the weekend

The weather is getting warm, the days are getting longer, the van is getting used, and it is harder to wake up and go to school everyday.
cleaning the frame and looking for an engine.

got use every bit.  Surprised this one didn't blow up in my face.

Georgie loves being outside in this weather.

spring cleaning.  The beard was getting long.  had to get rid of it.

found this combo in my truck.  Promise I'm not into that stuff.

$550 in car parts.

the barefoot juggler.  This kid was outside twenty tap juggling soccer balls.

George and me go get coffee.

Nick messed up.

Supposedly lunchables and microwaveable cheeseburgers will fix your tummy. 

passed up my brother and green castle park on this trip.

car wash.  

Terre Haute park rules

This part really rules.

ody with the roof rack.

skate vehicle.

Terre Haute just got awesome.

the crew.

So jeff buys lotto tickets.

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