Monday, March 19, 2012

Post birthday celebration

This was a weekend to remember.  Sometimes Indiana can get me down and other times I am so psyched to live here.  The sour parts really bring out the sweet.  Tons of pictures from this weekend.  Marat Park with George on Friday, Louisville Friday night, Saturday in the garage, saturday night ramp party in Warland, IN, Sunday morning early swap meet, sunday morning in the garage, full push mob to the cafe for lunch, skating DIY and bombing hills, then bike ride to dinner and beers.  Couldn't ask for any better.  Enjoy the pictures, if you want.
marat park flowers

white on one side blue on the other.

George barging

too much crap

Louisville, I used to hate it.  Now its fun.

Light up ping pong

G-Cambs on the turf couch.

If you haven't yet, meet ody.

Pushin with your dog

Lots of bikes

bare metal, kind of.

ramp party in Waldron.  The band had a little place to set up in the back.

Love old trucks

Swat meet with the boys.

Hey that guy is tall, hey that is Rik Smits

Hutch is way taller than me.  Rik is way taller than hutch.

new paint job.


smashin at So'Bro

Guns charging.

street skating.  

Bert with nature.

Hobo hideout

Gunnar got wet.

trees, flowers, shadows

new DIY spot? It's private property...

it is ready for a skatepark

bowl corner.

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