Sunday, June 17, 2012

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

So here is the first photo dump of the Orcas 2k12 trip this summer.  We were missing some of the OG crew but gained a few that I hope are permanent additions for the future to come.  We rolled out with only three in my Honda Odyssey.  We put 5400 miles on the poor thing in 2 weeks.  We got back today, the 18th, at 1 pm.  We saw so much stuff this year it started to overwhelm most of us.  Finally made it to the hot springs, saw Mt. Reindeer, saw Mark, skated tons of new stuff, and finally took some time to explore Orcas Island outside the campground and the park.  Chris and Ben rolled out with me and stayed with me the whole trip.  We were graced by the presence of the great Zman and his frontside ollies.  We even got the Christians, Bert, and Grant out this year.  It was an awesome time and I will remember this trip for a long time.
spent a lot of time on the road. Tried to document some of the cool stuff.

Chris 'shorts intruder' Shortsentshirt made it out for the trip.  Can't complain about this addition.

River Side park.  Probably my favorite park of the trip.  Four doorways, how could you not like it.

Tent City.  One of the best parts about these trips is that I get to see a lot of my old friends.  Matt  and Melissa hooked us up with a great spot to stay.  We even got to do LAUNDRY! Thanks guys if was well appreciated.

Anywhere you have to take a ferry too is probably bad ass.

chillin on the ferry.  We saw a dolphin.  No Orcas though, I am waiting for that to happen.

Highlight of orcas.  Get a good medium fire going and just fall asleep in the rocks.

George and I went for a litte walk while everyone else was waking up.  There is some pretty awesome scenery out there...

ORCAS!!!! THE GREATEST SKATEPARK OF THEM ALL! not that the park is the greatest.  It is pretty amazing, but the whole process of getting there really makes the park amazing.  The people on the island are super nice and the camping is abundant.

I've been to orcas 5 times now and I never made it up here.  I don't know how I haven't.  This was one of the best views I have EVER seen.

The whole group!

people taking pictures of people

it wouldn't have been a trip without ody.  I had to document where she has gone.


cabin life.


Del Ridge park was probably a close second to River City.  This park was crazy.  I have never seen so many cool pieces in one park.

snookum falls?

Mt, Reindeer.  This is all a joke because Chris thought that Rainier beer was Reindeer beer.  He ordered it right to the bartenders face.  I swear to god he did.

snow is June.  Yup a lot of it.

best campsite ever.

The three troopers.  

HOT SPRINGS!!! I have wanted to experience this for years.  I finally did it!

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