Monday, June 25, 2012

summer trip #2 Portland the next day to seattle

So we got to Portland in the evening time.  So naturally we had party on the mind.  We had a great amount of fun and then woke up with all intentions to skateboard.
bikini coffee is a phenomenon isolated in the Northwest.  Check them out on Facebook if you don't know what it is.  Pretty cool idea.

First stop, the bridge.  I have never really been able to skate this park.  The most fun session I ever had hear was like 6 years ago with Ryan Smith before I even knew him.  It was raining outside and he agreed to meet me there even though he didn't know me.  I was only 18 or 19 years old.  That was really the time that I realized how amazing skateboarding is, pretty sure this made me a lifer if I wasn't already.  I remember sliding off the top of the fun box in the rain and landing on my ass.  Good times.

Brooklyn Street.  Started as a DIY spot, evolved into a public skatepark. Yes, Portland, you rule.

let the fun flow.

grillin at Battleground, WA.  George participated in at least three little league baseball games this night.

Jeremy's back yard.  If you read this, Jeremy, Thank you so much for your hospitality.  Your bathroom was out of TP and you made it really comfortable to ask for more, I appreciate that.  If you ever need a spot in Indy my door is open and the couch is free!

Off road Vanagon. SICK!

The crew at Pine State Biscuits.

The grub at Pine State Biscuits. so good.

Voodoo donuts.  It was raining so we went on a food tour.  Donut with chocolate, oreos, caramel, and peanut butter. yes.

The bag lady by voo doo.  She had it together.

We got to skate this awesome ramp inside.  6ft ramp with 6" of vert.  Too much fun.  I was too sore to really skate but it was really fun to watch.

How could you have a food tour without stopping here.  The owner also owns a cattle ranch.  It was basically perfect.  

Can't get enough dog photos on the blog!

The bottom of the ninth bases loaded score tied and the pressure was on with big ben here.  Full count and chris threw the change up.  Stay tuned for the results.

My tape adapter pissed me off too many times.

probably my favorite picture of the trip.  Ready to party and karaoke.  Ben... really turning on the fun.

I karaoke d Remix to ignition, got cut off halfway through still don't know why...

Ben bought postcards at the bar!

2 cradles, 1 bowl

tight.  If you want to see something cool let grant skate this in front of you.

Tim's deli was visited quite often on this trip.  Here we have a hummus base with an accent of orange bell peppers and avocado all on top of a pepperoni layer.  

Riverside (mario cart) (best park) #SOFREAKINGFUN

Bert's grill.

Matt and Mellisa's back yard.  These two have always put me up whenever I head out west.  They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Thank you so much for everything that you guys did for us.  Laundry on a skate trip!!!! That's unheard of.  See you guys soon!

They also have a cool dog, Gordon.

Best coffee I have ever had.  Thanks Adam Hicks.

Another Tim's Deli. Order a Number 2 for this sweet piece.

Seattle got hills

Seattle got skateparks! Marginal tile cradle.  Could have wrapped this all day.

Z MAN!!!!!!!!

Got a picture with this dude.  You know how there are those girls that supposedly hang out with chicks that are uglier than them to make them look hotter? Well you can observe this effect in the picture above.  Both good looking dudes but as you can see the man on the right clearly makes the man on the left look much more handsome.  AND it's not fair because look at them teef!


This guy.  So stoked all the time.  Love skating with the young gun real psyched he has been coming on the trips.  There is a bright future in store for this young man.  Go get em.

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