Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Trip #1: Indianapolis to Portland - straight.

There is something about going out on the road with your homies that creates a feeling that can not be recreated by anything else.  For the last few years I have made the trip to Orcas Island as soon as school gets out.  The vehicles have changed, the crew has changed, and the places we go change.  There is very little planning that goes into the trip.  We know that we are going to go, that we are going to skate, and that we are going to have an awesome time.  This year was no exception.  One of the problems with this particular trip.  The first 30 hours SUCK.  There is nothing between here and Montana, or I haven't found it yet.  

I am fortunate enough to have made a lot of awesome friends that value this experience as much as I do.  AS WELL, as some awesome friends that will let me and whoever I have with me camp in their backyards or sleep on the floor.  After this year in school I really needed this trip.  Sometimes you just need to hit the road to clear your mind.  Just like the song, the road goes on forever and the party never ends.  

This year we had a measly group of 3.  Chris and Ben came up from Bloomington to meet me and head West.  Now measly only refers to the number, this is no group of fluffers.  This is a solid group of fun conductors that couldn't stop having fun the whole time.

Sorry if you saw most of these pictures on Instagram.  I love Instagram but it kind of showed the whole trip I am hesitating even putting it up here... oh well.  I can tell the story a little more here.
This is my new van.  1996 Honda Odyssey with 140k miles.  Her nickname is Ody you can call her what you want.  This is the whip before we ruined it with all of our shit.

What else would George do for two weeks besides head out with us?  Yes that is a BB gun with a pink handle.  

Had a slow start.  Had to stop at the donut shop for some refreshments.

Starting strong.  This is the view from the back seat.  We are going.

George did a lot of this.  He quite often stretched out to try and come in contact with whatever he could.  He is not a big dog but he acts like one.

We really lucked out on the weather.  Only one day of rain the whole trip.  The clouds were killing it the whole trip.

Not too much traffic either.  


Ben relaxing after his shift.  George is trying to figure out how to lie on top of Ben.  Ben blogs too.  Check out for another angle of the trip.

Do you think he would let us skate this? I mean just real quick he could pull over.

The sunsets but that doesn't mean that we stop driving.  Driving on into the night.

Uh oh Chris those boys got you.  Keep that speed down.

Pretty awesome sunset the first night.


Who's name is that?

The 2 for 4 deal really helped with the nighttime driving.  I am sure these are horrible for you.

We made it to Montana.   

Finally some scenery.  We have already driven through the night this is the following morning the sun came up and this was around us.

more scenes from the road.

mountains got steeper.

The OPEN road.  

Chris did a great job taking care of George if I ever need a babysitter he would be a top pick.  Thanks Chris.

shoulda stopped.

shoulda stopped.

Missoula, Mt.  Normally this is the first stop of the trip.  However we decided to stay for one beverage and then continue to roll.

had to get something with mountains in the background.  This thing is slick and really tight.  Good work Ben.

The bugs really liked my van and its topper.

I really wanted to do a blunt in the mountains.

This is a man-made wave in Missoula.  Pretty awesome, this wave breaks all the time and you can jump in and ride it whenever you want! 

Onward.  Head West.

Finally a sign that says we are almost there.

I got instagrammed.  George was snugglin.  He is such a good dog, best dog, I swear to god.  I'll say it right to your face.

84 west.

Everytime I saw a train I thought of Bread.  Columbia River Gorge.  This would be a cool ride.

Unfortunately we were dragged here by a few of our friends.  Finally made it to Portland.  Jimmi Hendrix, Jaylahh, and Indiana Jessica were great hostesses for our short time in Portland.  Thanks for driving us around and letting us sing in your cars.  Next up Portland to Seattle!

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