Sunday, January 8, 2012

The weekend only comes once a week.

This was a good one.  I filled my weekend full of fun activities.  The weather has been killer.  In January in Indiana normally it is so unbearably cold that habitation outside is near impossible.  This weekend however totally went against history and science, maybe.  Over 50 degree days means motorcycles and skateboarding.  Saw some friends, made some new friends, saw some music, ate a ton of food, and skateboarded a lot.  

I have a lot of decisions to make coming up.  It is starting to stress me out a little.  Teaching is not fulfilling my life like I thought it would.  I love being part of education, but the stress and negative feelings are outweighing the positives.  I feel like if I never had a break weekends or anything teaching wouldn't be that hard.  I never want to go back though, I feel like you should want to go to your job.  But then again work is work.  I feel like the only reason I am typing is so I don't have to go to sleep.  I know that when I go to sleep I have to wake up and go to school...
Cool jacket some dude had.  

Stickers and graffiti in bathrooms are always interesting.  I take pictures of it and sometimes people think I am taking pictures of myself urinating.

This is blogged again, because this really was his warmup.  He ordered more donuts and an english muffin sandwich.  Still only totalled to $7.22.  I love the Donut shop.

Unsinkable.  That is a deep fried sandwich ladies and gentlemen.

Went out with the hutch bros today.  Skiles park is pretty cool.  I think I found my new hill bomb spot! 

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