Sunday, April 22, 2012


So I trip to Chicago was way overdue.  I had nothing really going on this weekend so instead of staying home and getting tons of stuff done like I should have George and I headed to the Windy City.  Here are some picture from the trip.

George gets comfortable in weird ways.  He is great in the car though.  Normally when we get where we are going he is like are you sure we aren't going further.

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These things are awesome and intriguing.  It is hard to tell how big they are.  One time Sam and I got off the highway and stood right at the base of it.  It was really hard to stare up and keep your balance.  It would make my knees weak.  It is unfortunate how many resources it is going to take to change the current power resources we have to something that is renewable.  I have been thinking about that a lot lately.  In order to move away from Fossil Fuels there is going to have to be a LARGE investment in about everything.  OR we just need to listen to some of these smart guys that figure out how to run their cars off anything.

So the tolls weren't very nice to me.  I only had twenties and the cash line was really long.  I saw the credit line and it was empty.  I decided to try.  The machine decided it was going to reject both of my cards.  I was stuck because a line had formed behind my van.  There was a slot that had a dollar bill on it.  I figure oh I can just put a twenty in here worse thing is a get a bunch of quarters back.  Well the machine didnt like my twomp very much and spit it out.  During this spitting the wind decided it was going to gust and caught my twenty and blew it away.  Just as I was jumping out of my car to go get it I noticed it blow underneath the second car.  I figured it was gone for good.  The dude behind me jumped out of his car and somehow grabbed it.  He ran up to me with a huge smile on his face and gave it back to me! He jokingly said I want ten! If I had change I would have gladly given him ten.  It is awesome to know there are people in the world like that guy.


Woodsy bathroom.

Trying to walk off the damage from Friday night I came across a large grass field.  Knowing exactly what would have happened if I was with the Open Container crew, I imagined a riveting game of wiffle ball, football, or Bocce ball (i'll get you guys playing this soon)  Then I noticed the sign and I was down in my brains own heart.

trefitty scrambler. Cool tank.  This would be really fun to rip around the city in.

Hunter setting up his new Shoebox board! If you want a shoebox board get at me.  American made.  We have 8.1 and 8.5.  This dude.  So stoked to still have him as a friend.  Brothers from a different mother.

Lake Michigan is pretty tight.

This dog park is tighter.  After a long session at Wilson Park it is a quick job over to the dog park to let George shred.


The mark of Pablo.

Too bad I don't like jameson.  PBJ tall can of PBR slice of pizza and a shot of Jameson for $7

Made it to RSD2k12.  I went up there for Record store day and hardly went to a record store.  Oh well we had fun.

Wormhole coffee

plant friends.

sweet cobra.  This show ruled.  Skateboarders making metal.  I got to meet Grumpy because he is a friend of Hutch's.  This was one of the cooler shows I have been to in a while.  3 floyds after party.

Grumpy working the crowd.

This is still outside Hunter's house.  

Good bye Chicago.  Let me save up some money so I can come again.  I like being in a big city, for the most part, one thing I don't like it how much money you have to spend.  I like my small city living for that reason.  It is growing on me though.  Last year I would frequently say I hated Chicago.

Do you think Bill Burr would care? I am thinking about emailing him this.

Hutch hooked up some new tunes.  I have been on a little metal kick lately.  Sleep is my favorite right now.

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