Sunday, April 15, 2012

hot, hot, cold. Just like Indiana does.

The weather, like every spring, has been unpredictable.  It was hot and then it was cold.  There has been serious wind. Oh well, it's what happens here in Indiana.  I have been really stoked on skating and not much else.  I want to be on the road.  Lets get something going.  The wind ruined our Terre Haute Show me trip today.  Lets try again next week.
Thanks neighbors and the city of Indianapolis.  Wasn't working on that or anything.

Skating is getting sicker every weekend and with every new accessory that makes it to the skatepark.

what you know about early grabs.

Nomad skate truck.  Go check it out.

Doing bowls.

This guy... I don't think there is a flatbar in it at all times anymore.


not looking too good.  I need an engine I miss the 450.

wind chimes.

uh oh.

Jeff wins.

rick rachet.


dipset.  Wes Baker with the smitters.

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