Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break 2k12. part 1

I can't believe break is already over.  It went so fast.  Time to go from skaterat back to Teacher.  Normally I have so much to do as soon as school gets out I don't get to enjoy any of my time.  Did a lot of enjoying this break.  These are pre eastward trip.
so laid back.  I am so curious of this place.

View from Crown Hill.  This is so awesome.  Good place to take your girl to make out too.  

Also a really awesome place to ride a skateboard.  G-campbell with the bomb.

Nick Fish Ponding it.

spot check? Don't think I wouldn't skate this.

started this little project

which turned into a big project.

The frame for the ramp.  Pouring flat bottom is new to me.

crete dust.

the finished product.


flowers are out.

marat park.  It was beautiful this day.

wanna go to the pull-a-part?!

Pull a part.

found time to go downtown and skate with Tony.  I am happy we got to chill for a little.  Still need to go meet the new troop.


packin.  On Thursday we left for a trip with Grant, Brad, Ryan, Ben, Hutch, me and George.  I am literally falling asleep typing I'll ha ve to make a second post.  Stay tuned.

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