Monday, April 9, 2012


The trip started off like any regular skate trip.  We met up with the crew in Wheeling.  Jersey Drew brought along Dylan, Willy, Phil, and surprise guest Jess Dog.  It is always fun meeting up with these dudes.  I hate that there are so many miles between us, maybe that is a good thing.  Instagrams were flying everywhere and the session was on.
George (the dog formally known as Georgie) Come on he is getting older.  It's time to treat him like a man.

The Dill, Constantly Cruising Dylan

The man, the myth, the i don't know, Jersey Drew

Big City Hutch, he'll park a minivan like a compact, but didn't drive the whole trip... Just kidding.

shit, snack boy, brayyyyd

Philly philthy Phil.  New to instragram! check it out! @philjacksonphotos I think

the crowd pleaser and all around great guy willy 

young gun, new to the crew, G-rant

papa puff holding it down. 

Big Jess Dog yuuuuuuh

Big Ben

six in a mini van

When there are bridges like this across the highway that means you going somewhere cool.

First stop Wheeling.

Phil, Glad to see the mexican blanket is still a trip staple.

Drew getting comfortable in Ody

Wheeling park.  Love it.

The crew.  Everyone was having a great time not thinking about camping, the usual.  But it always works out.

Since drew introduced kick the can to me I thought I would try and mario kart dat ass.
For our first spot we ended up here...  It really was the middle of no where.  Two hours down a windy road not really heading towards any destination.


We got a little medium going.

The campsite, or this was the upstairs.

George was watching the road.

George was not stoked on the car rides, or maybe he was.  Sleeping position one.

routine rest stop

Brad drove a lot.  

Fayetteville, WV

Fayetteville.  I think this was the best part of the park.

Pooped.  Ready for some chomps.

Oh wait.  A football game broke out.  This couldn't have been better.

Willy getting it in.  Gracious accommodations from Halo


advanced grilling techniques.

the stove.

why not.  Lets play wiffle ball.

road views.

Sometimes you have to stop to see the awesome stuff.

Ryan sniping

Ody posted up.



This is a pratt with vertical supports.

Sleeping position 2.

man mosas

sleeping position 3.

This is a lot of pictures.  Sorry I'm not the skate photographer.  You'll have to wait for Hutch to get those up on dont ask me.  Until then stay posted until skatop - home

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